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Fully Hydraulic Rope Core Drilling Rig Model 1800X
  • Fully Hydraulic Rope Core Drilling Rig Model 1800X
  • Fully Hydraulic Rope Core Drilling Rig Model 1800X
  • Fully Hydraulic Rope Core Drilling Rig Model 1800X
  • Fully Hydraulic Rope Core Drilling Rig Model 1800X
  • Fully Hydraulic Rope Core Drilling Rig Model 1800X

Fully Hydraulic Rope Core Drilling Rig Model 1800X

This model is designed for solid mineral deposit surface centering operation, and is suitable for various drilling processes such as diamond rope centering. The drilling pressure control of this type is convenient and accurate, the flow of mud pump can be adjusted according to the drilling geological conditions, and the multi-point pressure gauge can monitor the working status of multiple systems. The main engine includes tracked chassis, diesel engine, hydraulic system, drill, main winch, secondary winch, power head, power head feeding system and wellhead clampper. All the functions of this model are hydraulic drive, and the control is accurate and convenient. The crawler walking system greatly facilitates the field relocation work, and the power head can slide on the side, which greatly facilitates the lifting and falling of the drilling tool.

Product Description

Technical parameters of surface core drilling rig of type 1800X full hydraulic power head



Drilling capability (reference)

Drill diameter

Into the depth









hydraulic pressure system

rated pressure


cooling-down method

forced air cooling





Cummins  B 6.7CS 4-260C



power rating


rated speed





power head

acrot orque


maximum speed


Give the process


Pass hole diameter


Lift / feed force

189KN/50K N



Main roll Yang

build up


hoisting speed

33m / min (low speed), 49m / min (high speed)

wirerope diameter


rope capacity




The rope lifts the heart

build up

11 KN (empty line drum)

hoisting speed

120m / min (empty line drum)

wirerope diameter


rope capacity




full lift


Into the Angle


Sliding trip

1. 1m

Hole holder

Applicable drill rod

BQ , NQ , HQ , PQ

Driving ability

Maximum climbing angle


Maximum travel speed


transportation clearance

The long myocardium is high in width and oneself


Total weight of the whole machine


Performance and advantages of full hydraulic power head surface core drilling rig

1. Hydraulic system:

The imported parts of the hydraulic system have a high proportion, and the main control and execution systems of the main and auxiliary systems are the original imported hydraulic parts from Europe (most of the other manufacturers only the main pump and individual control system parts are imported, and the level and use proportion of the imported parts are low).

2. Main pump and feed pump oil route:

The most advanced load sensitive pump is adopted to save energy, reduce the construction cost, and increase the pressure oil filter to improve the service life of hydraulic components and reduce the failure rate.

3. Feed into the system:

1), the rig power head is not directly into the cylinder, reduce the intermediate transmission components, so as to reduce friction loss,

 Can also reduce the daily maintenance, at the same time by reducing the intermediate link, into the oil cylinder into the drilling tool into the force can be more accurate reflection;

2) Accurate drilling pressure control can more effectively reduce the accident in the hole in the drilling process.

4. New ways to add stress:

Advanced pressure and decompression drilling system (balance principle). First, balance the weight of the drill pipe, and the force applied to the drill bit is zero, and then pressure the drill tool through the oil cylinder, by adjusting the size of the pressure valve, timely and accurately read the size of the inlet and outlet. Advanced decompression drilling system not only improves the life of the bit, but also improves the drilling efficiency, so the operation is very easy and convenient.

5. Power head:

1) The drill adopts a 4-gear stepless gearbox, wide speed range, the power head torque matching is more reasonable, can achieve the different drilling process to speed requirements;

2) The drill has installed the speed sensor on the gearbox, and the reading is accurate and reliable;

3) Increase the floating function of the power head, the power head floats upward when unloading the buckle, more effectively protect the drill pipe thread, prolong the service life of the drill pipe, and save the construction cost;

4), the power head increases the hydraulic automatic sideslip function, the function is mainly to reduce manpower, improve work efficiency, so as to greatly reduce the labor intensity of the construction personnel.

7. Main roll:

The main winding of the rig increases the speed regulation function, and adjusts the displacement of the hydraulic motor by proportion, so as to adjust the winding and rope out speed of the winch, which greatly improves the drilling efficiency.

8. Rope core and roll:

The rig auxiliary winding increases the rope arrangement mechanism to prevent the wire rope winding, and can improve the service life of the wire rope.

9. Mast:

1) The mast and mast slide are processed on the longest 11 m planer platform in China, with high accuracy, which reduces the swing of the power head and greatly increases the overall stability of the drilling rig;

2), the drill hole plate and hinged support is to make the mast force through the hinged plate better not ground contact, increase the stability of the mast;

3) When the mast slip stroke of the rig is 1.1 meters and the drilling Angle reaches 45°, the mast can be directly grounded, improving the stability of the rig and reducing the possibility of major safety accidents;

10. Hydraulic hose and pipe joint:

For imported products, effectively reduce the oil leakage point, reduce the maintenance time.

11. Stepless speed regulation function of mud pump:

The rig adds a load-sensitive plunger pump and a throttle valve to refine the regulation of the mud pump flow. By drilling load sensitive plunger pump and throttle valve, the flow of mud pump can be continuously adjusted at each gear of the mud pump. The flow control of mud pump can meet the needs of various centering drilling processes such as stone rope centering drilling, especially suitable for impact rotary drilling process.

12. Mud mixer:

The rig is equipped with stirers with original American imported motors