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Rock Wool Production Line
  • Rock Wool Production Line
  • Rock Wool Production Line
  • Rock Wool Production Line
  • Rock Wool Production Line
  • Rock Wool Production Line

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Rock wool is a kind of inorganic fiber made from natural rocks as the primary raw material, such as basalt and dolomite, through high-temperature melting and fibrosis. The rock wool board production line adopts an electronic metering and automatic feeding system to add the raw materials to a closed melting furnace for melting. After being fiberized by a centrifuge, an appropriate amount of bonding agent is added. The raw materials are sent to the curing furnace for plate making through the cotton collector, pendulum cotton spreader, and pleating press machine . Then through cooling, cutting, waste edge recovery, and packaging, the production is completed.

Product Description

Single and double drum pendulum method rock wool board automatic production line complete set of units

1. Process flow chart of rock wool board production line

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

2. Rock wool board production equipment models and parameters

Item/Model30KB type30KA type20KA type
Annual output (T)20000~30000tons20000~25000tons15000~20000tons
Hourly best output (T/H)3.5~4.5T2.5~3.5T1.5~2.5T
Total length of equipment (M)35m +33m +30m +
L-type installation95m90m85m
Total length of curing furnace36/33m33m/30m30m
Curing furnace width1300m1900mm1300mm/1900mm1300mm
Matching fan55KW*2+90KW*275KW*355 KW*2
Total length of cotton collectorSingle drum cotton collectorSingle drum/double drum cotton collectorCurved big bevel collector
Collector width2400mm2200mm2000mm
Matching fan220/315 KW160/220 KW37+55KW
Product thickness30~200mm*30~200mm*30~200mm*
Product density50~200kg*50~200kg*50~200kg*
Total installed capacity1800KW*1300KW*800KW*
Actual utilization rate (70~75%)

*Actual values are adjusted according to the relative values of density and thickness.

*Up or down depending on actual configuration installed capacity.

3. The technical description of each part of the rock wool board production equipment

A. Batching and feeding system

   The raw materials are fed into the feeding system through screening, measuring, and feeding. The total weight of coke and slag ratio is 180~250Kg/time, the rising speed is 9 meters per minute, and the volume of feeding body is 0.3~0.4 cubic meters.

(1) Batching machine:

      Dosing machine: four storage hoppers, four vibrating screening hoppers, supporting conveying weighing device.

       Batching machine has the following types of products.

      ◆ Single weighing cumulative metering single belt conveyor type (four hoppers): with 4 vibrators, 4 sensors, one belt conveyor, single PLC, single color meter control.

      ◆ Multi-weighing individual metering multi-belt conveyor type (four buckets): with 4 vibrators, 16 sensors, 4 weighing belt conveyors, a belt conveyor, single PLC, color display control.

      ◆ Multi-weighing individual metering multi-belt conveyor type (five buckets).

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

(2) Loading machine.

      Loader: conveying frame, hopper, winch.

      The loading machine has the following models of products.

      ◆ Due to the terrain limitation, vertical lifting, track moving feeding.

      ◆ Large inclination, tipping bucket feeding.

      ◆ Small inclination, bottom opening of material.

      ◆ Ultra-small inclination, continuous belt conveying feeding.

      Nowadays, it adopts the small slope and bottom opening method, which is highly stable and easy to operate.

      Equipped with winch 1.5 tons, hydraulic brake/electromagnetic brake winch, conveying speed 9m/min.

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

B. Melting furnace and supporting incineration dust and desulfurization system

Energy-saving closed melting furnace.

      Adopting new technology and new techniques, the melting furnace is completely closed for production, and the cooling water is completed by the natural circulation principle. The melting furnace adopts the upper and lower double-body closed structure, the exhaust gas does not leak out and

The exhaust gas is not leaked or discharged outside, so that it can enter the exhaust gas treatment system behind. Without the incineration heat exchange system, the melting furnace is equipped with a double-layer stainless steel preheating heat exchanger on top (non-incineration).

The temperature is increased by 80~120 degrees Celsius, and then the temperature is stabilized by four hot air ducts into the melting section air belt. With the incineration heat exchanger system, the air passing through the heat exchanger can

The air passing through the heat exchanger can be increased to 150~350 degree Celsius and directly enter the melting section air belt to increase the furnace temperature, stabilize the flow unit and increase the output. If needed, the basalt raw material content can be increased.


      Internal size structure dimensions are designed to achieve a relatively complete proportional structure after long time and many times of actual production tests and adjustments.

      Make the water jacket water circulation cooling melting furnace, the amount of coke can be comparable to the amount of traditional refractory brick furnace and insulation effect. That is, to ensure long-term production and environmental requirements, but also energy saving. The ratio of coke: slag can generally be 1:4.5~5.5.

The ratio of coke: (basalt + slag) can generally be 1:2.5~3.0.

      So that the output can reach high output with relatively small furnace diameter, high furnace temperature, stable furnace temperature, stable flow stock, so that the cotton length, coarseness, uniformity, slag content and other quality indicators to reach the standard, than the previous straight furnace to improve a step.

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

C. Throwing silk cotton production, cotton collection and spreading equipment

(1)Combined high-speed four-roller centrifuge with wind ring:

     ◆ The first of its kind in China, exclusively provided.

     ◆ Low installed capacity, small volume, easy to replace the movement and parts maintenance.

     ◆ Reasonable structure of equipment, easy to operate and control, reliable operation performance and high stability.

     ◆ The design of wind ring is distributed and manufactured according to the size of roller diameter, integrated design on the machine body, and the relative centrifugal roller position remains unchanged. There is no fluctuation in wind direction and cotton producing traction, it changes automatically with the roll, and the slag ball is small and less.

     ◆High fiber formation rate, fine and long fiber, ensure the fiber quality. The sizing nozzle adopts fan-shaped structure with reasonable distribution, and the atomization is fine and uniform.

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Model and parameters of combined high-speed centrifuge with wind ring

XTLI-D4D5D6D7-combined high-speed four-roller centrifuge with wind ring model and parameters
Basic modelXTLI-345XTLI-370XTLI-340XTLI-320
Main cotton rollerTwo, three, four rollersThree or four rollersThree or four rollersThree or four rollers
Motor power7.5+11+22+22 (KW)5.5+7.5+18.5+18.5 (KW)4+5.5+11+11 (KW)4+5.5+7.5+7.5 (KW)
Covering yield3.0-5.5T/H3.0-4.5T/H2.0-3.5T/H1.0-2.5T/H
Best average output5.0T/h4.0T/h3.0T/h2.0T/h
Gum spraying drive modeCenter+roller perimeter spraying/beltRoll circumference + bottom auxiliary spraying/beltRoller circumferential spraying/beltRoller circumferential spraying/belt
Main push fan power132kw*2220kw*1132kw*137kw*2
Optional power220kw*175kw*245kw*222kw*2
Stable speed range4500~7500r/m4500~6500r/m4500~6500r/m4500~5500r/m
Lubrication methodExclusive 44 internal circulationUnique 44 internal circulationUnique 14 inner cycleExclusive 11 internal circulation
Main push subdivision modelD7-1515-CE open typeD62-1515-E open typeD52-1515-L closed typeD41-2720-L closed type

D61-1515-L closed typeD52-2720-L closed typeD52-1515-L closed type

Optional air inlet methodRear two-air outletRear two-air outletRear two-air outletTwo side two air outlets
Rear three air outletsRear three air outlets
Rear two-air outlet

Subdivision 1515 model1# fiber short and strong, suitable for basalt content higher than 35~60% furnace supporting production.
2# When the output is higher than 4 tons, it is suitable for putting out high-end, high-density rock wool board.
3# output is higher than 3 tons, suitable for producing medium and high end, medium and high density rock wool board and rock wool strip.
4# When the output is lower than 3 tons, it is suitable for ultra-low density color strip and board, lower than 35Kg.

Subdivision 2720 model1# fiber is long and unbreakable, suitable for the production of matching furnaces with basalt content 0~25%.
2# When the output is higher than 3 tons, it is suitable for putting out medium-low end, medium-low density rock wool board and rock wool strip.
3# When the output is less than 3 tons, it is suitable for low density sheets and rock wool strips.
4# is applicable to the cotton out of rock wool felt.
5# is suitable for out of the cotton of rubber wool and rock wool pipe products.

Subdivision D4 modelModular design, detachable rubber ring and wind ring, single-way glue feeding, single-out and single-return movement lubrication.
Subdivision D5 modelModular design, detachable rubber ring and wind ring, three-way glue inlet, single-outlet and four-return movement lubrication.
Subdivision D6 modelModular design, removable rubber ring and wind ring, four-way glue feed, four-out and four-return movement lubrication.
Subdivision D7 modelModular design, detachable rubber ring and wind ring, eight-way glue feed, four-way lubrication, four-way lubrication, central spraying.

Outline reference size

Length mm2300195019001500
Width mm1600175017001900
Height mm1350140014501300


(2)Single drum cotton collector

     ◆ The design of single drum cotton collector completely changes the chain-driven tilt type traditional cotton collector to the bearing and gear drive method.

     ◆ The conveying speed can be increased by one grade faster, from 40~100m/m. The actual application range is 40~90m/m.

     ◆ Advantages: good quality of fibrillation, favoring the production of high-end high-density products. More layers of cotton, good strength, fast conveying speed and thin cotton layer are its biggest advantages.

     ◆ Disadvantages: It has the disadvantages of the second generation of cotton collecting machine, large demand of negative pressure, high supporting requirements, large loss of glue and short mixing time of glue and cotton.

     ◆Conveying and pendulum laying speed adopts digital display synchronous PLC operation, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

     ◆The volume of the cotton collecting room is large, and the uniformity of gluing is 99%.

     ◆Thin cotton layer, uniform cotton layer, no dough.

     ◆In 2016, the design of single drum cotton collector was completed, and the modular centrifuge was manufactured and put into use in the third quarter.

     ◆In 2017, we completed the design of double-drum cotton collector, which combines the advantages of drum and triangular cotton collector.

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

(3) Pendulum conveying cotton spreader

     ◆The output temperature of gum cotton is low and the thickness of cotton layer is consistent.

     ◆The output runs synchronously with the speed of pendulum.

     ◆Pendulum spreading speed is fast, thin cotton layer and many layers.

     ◆In the production of low density and high density sheets, 16 to 20 times per minute per layer.

     ◆The pendulum design and the available pendulum width are large, the cotton layer is even, and the small turning type belt swing drive is used to make both sides of the cotton layer and the middle cotton layer, the cotton layer is even and the density error is small.

     ◆With the cooperation of cotton collecting machine, the cotton layer has good continuity and uniformity, and the height of the pendulum can reach 600~800mm thickness after laying cotton, still uniform, just like laying paper, without manual assistance.

      ◆The pendulum unit is composed of two belt conveyors, one set of oscillating belt and one set of oscillating mechanism. The swing belt swing can adjust the felt laying width according to the product requirements. The conveyor belt is tensioned by adjusting the tail pulley

The oscillating belt belt is equipped with an auxiliary anti-running strip, and the oscillating belt achieves reciprocating motion through the eccentric wheel.

      ◆ The latest high-speed pendulum design is shortened and lightened, and the speed is greatly improved to meet the demand of higher output. The new design of swing eccentric mechanism is convenient to adjust, and the structure is optimized and reliable.

      ◆ Part of the rock wool products are oriented to the field of insulation materials for construction, which requires high quality. The pendulum laying equipment with high speed operation makes the transverse and longitudinal density of the formed raw wool felt more uniform.

It ensures that the properties of the products such as compression resistance and tensile strength meet the application requirements, and also ensures the quality of the secondary felt. 

      ◆For the environmental protection facilities of the exhaust of the collector

and the environmental protection facilities for the exhaust gas of the curing oven is the same. According to the current market above the environmental protection equipment is the front negative pressure room, the use of 50 ~ 90 density, thickness of 50 rock wool board as a filter

The plate type filter room. The filtering area is about 80~100 square meters / 10,000 cubic meters of air.

      The way of post-processing, now there is the original water mist dust removal treatment, but the effect is general.

      ◆UV photo deodorization + activated carbon adsorption, the specific effect needs to be tested, the theoretical effect is feasible.

      ◆ Plasma electric dust removal, the investment is larger, 70,000~80,000 yuan / 10,000 cubic meters of air. The principle is that the gas is first cooled down, then adsorbed by water mist particles, and the water mist particles are adsorbed on the surface of the pipe through electricity.

Flushing absorption.

      ◆ The basic on the market above is the fan front rock wool panel grating type dust removal, through the fan after the direct exhaust. The rear is the specific investment size to choose the treatment method.

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

4. Pleating and pressing machine and heat curing conveying, supporting heating system

Pleating and pressing machine: the first one in China, the earliest manufacturer to design and manufacture.

     The rubber cotton enters the shaping and pressing machine through the conveyor, and the density of the rubber cotton conveyed after pressing and shaping can reach 250Kg/M3, which is fed to the heat curing oven of the board line for production curing, thus reducing the chain

This reduces the running load of chain and mesh plate, reduces friction, and improves the service life of mesh plate and chain.

     After many improvements and refinements, the output is less than 3 tons/hour with 2-stage pleating (3 motors) and more than 3 tons/hour with 3-stage pleating (4 motors). Adopting integrated upper and lower

The use of integrated top and bottom drive reduces the use of motor and drive by 50%, and reduces electricity consumption and the possibility of failure by 50%.

Heat curing oven: saving the amount of heat source, saving the electrical energy of the fan, compared with the market to reduce about 50%.

     Heat curing oven chain plate is divided into upper and lower single drive, using frequency conversion PLC synchronization control, synchronization rate of 100% (arbitrary adjustment). Double motor with planetary reducer, cross coupling, the

Combined drive.

     Curing is divided into four sections, the unique design of the hot air box and air separation system, so that the hot air forced penetration curing. The hot air is controlled by automatic circulation, and the utilization rate of waste heat circulation air is 75%. Product curing

Low energy consumption, good curing effect and consistent color.

     Each ton of products consumes 85~95Kg of coke, and the pressed products have clear patterns, trademarks and letters.

(1)Pleating and pressing machine

     ◆Pleating and pressing are designed and produced in an integrated way.

     ◆Pleating speed is speeded up, the original design conveying speed is less than 5 meters to produce pleated board, now the design is less than 8 meters to produce pleated board.

     ◆For the equipment above 25000 tons, 8 motors are designed to drive, and the middle drive motor is increased from 1.5kw to 3kw.

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

(2)Heat curing oven

     ◆ up and down distribution drive, in view of the long delivery cycle of the P series reducer in 18 years, changed to K series drive reducer, changed from synchronous belt drive to separate upper and lower drive, eliminated telescopic coupling, using drive reducer plus fixed coupling and curing oven integrated design. (Entered testing in 2Q18).

     ◆ Considering the market for product thickness density improvement. Curing fan using 55kw * 2,75 * 2,75 * 2 + 55 * 2 three curing fan supporting the design of the operation.

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

5. Cutting and forming conveyor system

    The conveyor is directly connected to the curing oven for synchronous operation and is not driven separately.

      The cutting section has been completely transformed into dust-free, using toothless circular knives. Since 2017, the cutting, edge shredding and recycling are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of producing 200mm thickness products.

      Cooling section: separate air box, fan extraction, forced cooling.

      Conveying section: responsible for cutting and conveying.

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Cutting part

Slitting machine

     Adopt 1 open and 2 standby (2 board production line), 2 open and 3 standby (3 board production line).

     The open adopts toothless and dust-free circular knife, and the spare adopts toothed alloy cutting saw blade.

     ◆Servo synchronous cutting machine

     It is a mature product. Recently, it mainly replaces the new clutch from friction plate clutch to tooth type clutch to reduce the error, the cutting length is set arbitrarily and the error is within the acceptable

within the acceptable range.

     Designed in 2016 and put into use in 2017, servo-synchronous flying saws. Both the single blade flying saw and the double to flying saw are in operation. The long-term error is plus or minus 5 mm.

     ◆Synchronous continuous tilt cutting machine

     Exclusive product, also belongs to mature product, through special design and calculation drive. It can cut 1000mm and 1200mm accurately, and the error can be controlled within plus or minus 2mm. 

The slope of error is within 5 mm for any length of 900~1300mm.

Edge recycling 

     The design of cutting and crushing edge is integrated, according to the two sides of the cutting and conveying section, two units in total, using the principle of negative pressure and air conveying. The crushed particles are moderate, and the material conveying fan can complete 40~60

 The conveying task of long distance is 40~60 meters. The crushed edge fan 7.5/11KW, wind and pressure are tested and can complete the demand, and also control the influence of the incoming wind on the internal wind of the cotton collector to some extent.

     ◆Cutting device

     Pneumatic lifting, generally equipped with three sets of cutting shafts and accessories, one open and two ready, including saw blade cleats, distance spacer and other assemblies. Structure design saw blade adopts 450mm saw blade, cutting thickness 

Below 160mm, save the cost of saw blade.

     ◆Splitting machine

     According to the demand to equip this equipment, the principle and steel under the same machine, cutting saw blade thin, after cutting, cutting cotton similar to the alloy tooth saw blade cutting surface, mainly used for high output when producing

It is mainly used for the production of low thickness and low density products at high throughput, with a conveyor wheel diameter of 800~1000mm and a saw blade length of 4.5~5.5m.

6. Automatic stacking board/strip, thermoplastic packaging machine

Automatic stacking board

Automatic stacking board/strip, two-use, servo control, fast and effective, low failure, save labor.

Automatic heat shrink packaging machine

Finished product conveying section is divided into 2 sections, separate automatic control and operation, conveying to sealing machine, automatic sealing, and output after entering heat shrink chamber. The cooling section of the shrink conveyor takes up three-fifths of the total length and is equipped with 2 cooling fans. According to the density of the products, the packing quantity and speed are adjusted arbitrarily, and the temperature of the hot air shrink room is controlled and adjusted automatically.

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

7. Introduction of environmental protection process

(1) Environmental protection treatment program flow chart

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

(2)Introduction of environmental protection facilities

Melting furnace supporting incineration dust removal and desulfurization system.

    ◆ Cyclone dust removal: Before entering the combustion chamber, it passes through the cyclone dust removal, which removes most of the large particles of dust substances in the air through gravity.

    ◆ Exhaust gas incineration chamber: The specially designed structure is matched with the melting furnace, which can complete the gathering of gas CO, and then it can self-ignite without other auxiliary fuel for

incineration, it can complete its own incineration. It can clean the air and remove dust and desulfurization.

    ◆ Incineration heat exchanger: According to the market's question, we will make a separate explanation for the operation and structure of the incineration chamber.

    ◆ High temperature bag filter: Standard type equipment, operating temperature control at 150~220 degrees. Temperature is too low, water vapor condensation adsorption, resulting in poor bag dust removal. If the temperature is too high, the high temperature bag will be damaged directly.

    ◆ Marble cement desulfurization and de-selling tower: through the injection of alkali and Fe-EDTA*, to achieve the effect of desulfurization and de-selling.

    ◆ Iron desulfurization and de-selling tower: as the last dust removal insurance device. When the furnace is opened, the furnace is stopped, and the heat exchanger exhaust temperature in the case of abnormal production is too high, the high temperature bag filter start protection device, directly skip the bag dust removal, into the subsequent environmental protection facilities, water mist dust removal can ensure a certain effect of dust removal effect.

Schematic diagram of melting furnace environmental protection equipment

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Melting furnace environmental protection equipment process principle diagram

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

8. The main raw material of rock wool production

(A) Chemical composition of raw materials (%): The main raw material.

1. blast furnace iron slag Reference data

 AL2O3 CaO MgO Fe2O3 FeO K2O Na2O TiO2
 36.80 12.02 38.60 12.02

2. Basalt, reference data.

 AL2O3 CaO MgO Fe2O3 FeO K2O Na2O TiO2
 49.90 12.37 5.97 2.99 7.71 8.51 0.95 3.47 2.94

(B) Chemical composition of subsidized materials (%): Grants raw materials.

1. Dolomite dolomite, Reference data.

 AL2O3 CaO MgO Fe2O3 FeO K2O Na2O TiO2
 0.17 0.38 31.32 21.03 0.44

2. Pure limestone Reference data

 SiO2 AL2O3 CaO MgO Fe2O3 FeO K2O Na2O TiO2
 0.70 0.68 54.54 0.59

9. Metallurgical coke standard

IndicatorsGradeParticle size/mm
Ash/Ad,%Level 1≤12.0
Grade 2≤13.5
Grade 3≤15.0
Sulfur/St,d%Grade 1≤0.60
Level 2≤0.80
Grade 3≤1.00
Mechanical strengthCrush resistance strengthM25,%Level 1≥92.0By agreement between supply and demand
Level 2≥88.0
Grade 3≥83.0
M40,%Level 1≥80.0
Level 2≥76.0
Grade 3≥72.0
Abrasion resistance strengthM10,%Level 1M25: ≤7.0; M40: ≤7.5
Level 2≤8.5
Grade 3≤10.5
Reactivity CRI/%Level 1≤30--
Level 2≤35
Grade 3--
Post-reaction strength CRI/%Level 1≥55
Level 2≥50
Volatile fraction/Vdaf,%≤1.8
Coke content/%≤4.0≤5.0≤12.0
Note: The percent sign is the mass fraction.

10. Equipment general arrangement diagram

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Our Services

For the rock wool production line, we provide a full set of services including terrain layout, equipment installation, commissioning, personnel training and spare parts after-sales. 

At the same time, we also provide the following equipment separately:


Heat curing furnace

Slitting machine

Automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine 

We will try our best to meet the needs of customers, serve them and help them succeed!

Product features and advantages

All products are with prominent advantages of reasonable design, easy operation, high automation, low power consumption and high efficiency.

1. Easy to use: Feeding batching section, melting into fiber section, solidifying and forming section, three sets of control systems, make touch control relatively independent and simple.

2. Easy to manipulation: Considering the overall level of rock wool industry in the aspect of design and supporting facilities, it abandons the fancy and impractical advanced control system and achieves the internal complexity and external simplicity. So the requirements for technical personnel's operational skills and knowledge levels are very general.

3. Durable: In terms of design and matching, the insurance factor and accidents are taken into consideration. Even if the automatic system and personnel make operational errors, the equipment is kept intact and easy to maintain after minor damage.

4. Comprehensive design: All the preliminary overall and supporting design are in place. The standard pipes are made according to the design requirements in the pipeline factory, only the assembly and welding are carried out on site.

5. Full production: Except the automatic packaging machine, other equipment and supporting facilities are all designed, produced and commissioned by our factory.

6. The equipment is only assembled on site and not manufactured, and the installation does not consider design issues but only considers hoisting and welding problems. Only the waterway, airway, stairs, dust collecting inner grille and storage tank that cannot be designed in advance are made on site.

Introduction, advantages, applications of rock wool board

      Mineral rock wool board is a man-made fiber made of three wastes as the main raw materials (furnace bottom slag, coal gangue, pyrochlore, dolomite, etc.), plus a certain amount of auxiliary materials, molten and blown at high temperature, with non-combustible, non-toxic, low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, insulation, good chemical stability, long life cycle, etc. It is recognized as the best Class A non-combustible new building energy-saving insulation material at home and abroad.

      Its main types are rock wool board, rock wool felt, rock wool pipe shell, granulated cotton and other products, and rock wool board includes waterproof rock wool board, fireproof rock wool board, composite rock wool board and so on. The highest use temperature can reach 650℃.

      In the industrial field, it is widely used in electric power, petrochemical and other industrial fields. The products are suitable for process temperature control, energy saving and personal protection of equipment and pipes such as boilers, steam pipes, heat exchangers, reactors, ovens, kilns, etc., and also have good sound absorption and noise reduction and fire prevention.   

      In the field of construction, it is widely used in commercial buildings, residential buildings, factories, public places, such as roofs, external walls, indoor partitions, ceilings and floating laminated floors and other building structures of fire prevention, insulation and energy saving, sound absorption and noise reduction, cold condensation condensation.

 The use of phenolic aldehyde insulation, chemical resistance made of mineral rock wool insulation board is widely used in petrochemical, food, transportation, hotels, apartments, hospitals and other senior buildings, such as exterior wall insulation decorative panels and other industries, energy-saving effect is extremely obvious.

Rock wool is a natural environmentally friendly fireproof, insulation type insulation material. It is made of natural rock, commercial furnace slag as the main raw material, plus a certain amount of auxiliary materials, by high temperature melt blowing and made of man-made fibers, and then it is made into rock wool products. The highest use temperature of rock wool can reach 650 ℃, with non-combustible characteristics, made of its board, felt, pipe shell, grain cotton, etc., can withstand high temperatures, suitable for industrial high-temperature equipment insulation, the current construction of the exterior wall insulation, fire, heat insulation is also in a large number of use of rock wool.

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Automatic Rockwool Production Line