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Sandwich Panel Machine/production line

EPS sandwich panel machine and PU sandwich panel machine are our main products. Sandwich panel machine which can get the automatic processing with convenient operation and reliable performance.

eps sandwich panel machine/production line

This EPS sandwich panel line includes one roll forming maker and one laminating machine. The entire EPS panel assembly line only needs 6 or 7 workers.

The entire sandwich panel machine line includes two components: roll forming part as well as laminator component.

1) Roll forming part.

The roll forming maker contains a hydraulic uncoiler, directing system, filming system, flat sheet slitting system, roll forming system, panel assistance structure, assistant forming equipment and so forth.

2) Laminating body

This component contains an assisting tool, laminating body, cutting system, glue feeding system, support gadget, electric control system, etc.

The sandwich panel assembly line can mainly generate roof panels and also wall surface panels. The sandwich panel is widely used in the defense and the decoration of outside walls for tall structures and a top-notch office complex. The sandwich panel can shield, maintain warm and also flame-retarding.

Below is the manufacturing process of the sandwich panel production line:

Decoiler transverse location-- Lifting phase move outside-- coil raising-- lifting stage action inside (To outside placement)-- Lifting stage rise (Coil center reach the decoiler axle center)-- Lifting stage auto step (To inside position)-- Decoiler axle expanding (-- Pressing-arm press securely)-- Lifting phase reset setting-- decoiler uncoiling product.

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