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What Is a Laser Guided Vehicle

Jan. 06, 2022

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Laser-guided vehicles (LGV) are fast, accurate, and reliable. This navigation technology is traditionally used to automate forklifts, increasing the efficiency of warehouses around the world.

If you are looking for a fast, accurate, and reliable alternative to conventional automated guided vehicles (AGV), you may consider upgrading to laser-guided vehicles (LGV). LGV is a type of AGV that is equipped with a laser navigation triangulation system. This navigation technology is usually used in automatic forklifts. This means that they use laser positioning systems for navigation, unlike previous AGVs that usually rely on sensors or software-based navigation systems. LGV may be the key to improving warehouse efficiency, but to get their benefits, you need to know what they are and how they work. So, what are laser-guided vehicles and what benefits do they provide? Let us find out.

What are laser-guided vehicles and how do they work?

LGV is AGV using laser triangulation navigation. They use a laser positioning system to navigate around the warehouse. They have one or more two-dimensional navigation lasers, which are called navigation devices or laser transmitters. These navigation lasers are lifted to an altitude of 10 to 15 feet and rotate at a speed of several revolutions per second. The rotating sensor emits a continuous fan-shaped modulated beam that interacts with the reflective strip installed on the warehouse floor. These reflectors can be flat or cylindrical, and they all have their own advantages and benefits. LGV uses the signal it receives from the reflector to triangulate the position of the vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer, some devices calculate and correct their position at a rate of 30 to 40 times per second. This makes them very accurate and reduces the need for correction.

Advantages of laser-guided vehicles

Now that you are familiar with what a laser-guided vehicle is, you may want to learn more about its benefits. LGV is flexible, fast, and efficient. If you need speed and accuracy or have a complex system with multiple destinations and tracking, they can provide a valuable addition to your warehouse. In addition:

Installation is quick and easy. This installation method is also not intrusive. All you need to do is to place reflectors around the facility. This means that LGV will not affect the cleanliness of your warehouse.

They are very accurate. The positioning algorithm is very advanced, allowing a positioning accuracy of +5 mm.

They are fast.

They are easy to maintain. The only regular maintenance you need to do is to keep the reflector clean.

They are easy to modify. You can change the route quickly and easily by modifying the software.


It is easy to modify the AGV tracks...but only by the supplier's engineer. Whenever you want to update the path, you must call the supplier.

LGV is usually very expensive. Navigation lasers and technology are generally expensive to purchase.

Harsh environmental requirements (external light, ground requirements, visibility requirements, etc.).

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