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What Is AGV

Mar. 31, 2021

What Is AGV

A computer-controlled, wheel-based automatic guided vehicle (AGV) is a cargo vehicle that can travel along the equipment floor without the need for an onboard operator or driver. Their movement is controlled by a combination of software and sensor-based guidance systems. Since the AGV moves on a predictable path and precisely controls acceleration and deceleration, and includes an automatic obstacle detection buffer, the AGV provides safe movement of the loads.

Advantages of automatic guided vehicle

1. Reduce labor costs

AGV reduces labor costs in your operations in many aspects: by replacing human workers with the automatic guided vehicle, a company pays a fee for an initial investment in equipment vs ongoing costs, which will have a new employee, such as medical insurance, payroll tax, salary increase, Vacation time, etc.

2. Increase safety

AGV takes safety into consideration when programming, so it is full of cameras, lasers, and other sensors, enabling them to operate safely around people and buildings. By contrast, equipment operated by human operators, such as forklifts, do not have so many built-in safety mechanisms and ultimately rely on human input, which may compromise in various ways. Although the operator is always likely to be distracted or fatigued, leading to accidents, these are not to worry about when using agv wheel.

In addition, AGV can operate under conditions that humans cannot operate, and can also operate under conditions that humans cannot operate optimally, such as extremely high temperature or cold or around hazardous materials.

All of this improves safety, reduces costs, reduces operation downtime, and ultimately improves the profitability of many operations.

3. Improve accuracy and productivity

Simply put: human beings make mistakes. By replacing the human factor with AGV, you can eliminate the possibility of some inaccurate workflows, ultimately reducing waste and increasing output, allowing your operations to become more efficient and accurate. The manpower is limited in working hours, and AGV can run 24/7.

In addition to the obvious improvement in accuracy and productivity, by integrating AGV with a warehouse control system or warehouse management system, you can also simplify processes such as inventory and material ordering.

4. Modularity

As the business expands, it is easy to add additional AGVs (sometimes referred to as "modular system elements") as needed. This allows you to avoid an incredibly high initial investment, because you can start with one or two AGVs and slowly transition, and eventually expand your fleet to fully automated or mostly automated operations, instead of buying 20 or 30 AGV all at once.

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