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How to Quickly Determine The Quality of Rock Wool?

Feb. 26, 2022

Automatic Rockwool Production Line

Rock wool originated in Hawaii. When the island of Hawaii's first volcanic eruption, the inhabitants of the island found strands of melted, soft rock on the ground. This is what mankind first knew as rock wool fibre.


The production process of rock wool actually simulates the natural process of a volcanic eruption in Hawaii, and rock wool products are made from high-quality basalt and claystone as the main raw material. After meeting at a temperature of over 1450°C, the fibres are centrifuged at high speed by an internationally advanced four-axis centrifuge. At the same time, a certain amount of binder, dust-proof oil and water repellent is sprayed into the wool and then collected by the cotton collecting machine. Through the pendulum method process, coupled with the three-dimensional method of laying cotton after curing, cutting. The final formation of different specifications and uses of rock wool products.


External wall insulation commonly used materials for A-class non-combustible rock wool board, rock wool board has a high compressive and tensile strength, low water absorption and moisture absorption, good dimensional stability, does not produce thermal expansion or contraction, ageing resistance and other advantages, its possession can be compatible with the exterior wall system, the building to provide effective insulation and energy saving, fire and adverse weather protection and a variety of performance. The quality of rock wool boards on the market now varies, so how to identify the quality of rock wool boards?



1. With the naked eye to see the slag content of rock wool board. Good quality rock wool board is not seen a lot of slags.

2. the appearance of rock wool board surface flat. No stains and damage.

3. the distribution of glue is very even. There is no glue block in the rock wool board.

4. observe whether the colour of the rock wool is consistent. If there is a white and yellow colour difference, it is a poor quality product.

5. Use a knife to cut a piece from it to see the pattern inside. The Z-shaped pattern inside means that it has been wrinkled, high tensile strength.

6. Pour a glass of water on the surface of the rock wool board to observe the water absorption. No water absorption means good quality cotton.



1. good fibre strength, flexibility and elasticity are not easy to brittle. Good overall strength by hand.

2. Press the edge of the rock wool board with your hand. No cotton wool falling off.

3. Touch the rock wool with your hands. The skin does not appear itchy.



Smell the rock wool. If there is no obvious irritating smell, the rock wool is of good quality.


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