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Rock Drill, Fully Hydraulic Roadheading Drill Trucks

Jun. 04, 2024

Fully hydraulic roadheading drilling truck is used for mining preparation and tunneling, it is a hydraulic rock drilling cart for independent operation, which can drill vertical, inclined and horizontal boreholes; it is suitable for hard rock drilling operations with a cross section of 7-25m².

●Rugged and reliable universal arm with optimal cross-section coverage, 360° turning of the propelling beam and automatic leveling for fast and easy drilling positioning.

The large boom can also be used for lateral rock door opening and anchor drilling.

Drill trucks are arranged in such a way as to ensure a good view of the operator.

A well-balanced, powerful 4x4 articulated chassis ensures agile, fast and safe travel in narrow corridors.

High-frequency percussion rock drill with stepped piston optimizes the efficiency of shockwave transmission, increases drilling speed, reduces drilling tool consumption and improves the equipment's safety rate.

Spacious workspace and a range of automatic features help the driver focus on drilling safely, quickly and accurately.

All maintenance areas are well protected and easy to maintain.