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Customers visit to inspect the rock wool production line

Apr. 11, 2024

Mineral rock wool board is a man-made fiber made of three wastes as the main raw materials (furnace bottom slag, coal gangue, pyrochlore, dolomite, etc.), plus a certain amount of auxiliary materials, molten and blown at high temperature, with non-combustible, non-toxic, low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, insulation, good chemical stability, long life cycle, etc. It is recognized as the best Class A non-combustible new building energy-saving insulation material at home and abroad.

      Its main types are rock wool board, rock wool felt, rock wool pipe shell, granulated cotton and other products, and rock wool board includes waterproof rock wool board, fireproof rock wool board, composite rock wool board and so on. The highest use temperature can reach 650℃.

      In the industrial field, it is widely used in electric power, petrochemical and other industrial fields. The products are suitable for process temperature control, energy saving and personal protection of equipment and pipes such as boilers, steam pipes, heat exchangers, reactors, ovens, kilns, etc., and also have good sound absorption and noise reduction and fire prevention.

In the field of construction, it is widely used in commercial buildings, residential buildings, factories, public places, such as roofs, external walls, indoor partitions, ceilings and floating laminated floors and other building structures of fire prevention, insulation and energy saving, sound absorption and noise reduction, cold condensation condensation.

 The use of phenolic aldehyde insulation, chemical resistance made of mineral rock wool insulation board is widely used in petrochemical, food, transportation, hotels, apartments, hospitals and other senior buildings, such as exterior wall insulation decorative panels and other industries, energy-saving effect is extremely obvious.

Rock wool is a natural environmentally friendly fireproof, insulation type insulation material. It is made of natural rock, commercial furnace slag as the main raw material, plus a certain amount of auxiliary materials, by high temperature melt blowing and made of man-made fibers, and then it is made into rock wool products. The highest use temperature of rock wool can reach 650 ℃, with non-combustible characteristics, made of its board, felt, pipe shell, grain cotton, etc., can withstand high temperatures, suitable for industrial high-temperature equipment insulation, the current construction of the exterior wall insulation, fire, heat insulation is also in a large number of use of rock wool.