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A Guide To Foam Cutting Machine

Oct. 19, 2021

Foam Cutting Machine

Foam cutting machine, the so-called foam cutting is for foam, sponge, and other chemical industry materials for processing equipment. The working principle is that the electrical resistance wire is energized and heated, which can melt the polypropylene or polystyrene foam board and make the foam board separate. At present, the main use of laser machines is high temperature for cutting. Due to the laser beam fine cutting is not easy to deformation, smooth kerf, no paste edge.


Features of foam cutting machine

The open working platform facilitates the placement of processing materials and can work with the large-size honeycomb adsorption platform of the assembly line to meet the processing of large-format materials. Such as the footwear industry, garment industry, foam, sponge, advertising industry, sheet metal, etc., but also to meet the needs of small industries such as model industry, handicraft industry, bamboo products industry.

The machine can be equipped with automatic focus and red light positioning to make it perfect and bring its function to the utmost. It is multi-functional, multi-purpose, time-saving, and efficient. Its light path part adopts the hybrid light path, high utilization of light energy; light path fully closed, strong safety performance. Its control system adopts a unique intelligent prediction algorithm and improved control algorithm. Ensure high-speed processing, smooth and efficient operation speed, laser energy adjustable in real-time, greatly facilitate the operation of customers.


The scope of application of foam cutting machine

Mainly used for cutting foam materials, which can be rigid foam, soft foam, plastic cutting into squares, rectangles, strips, etc., carved any graphics into the computer for cutting. High cutting efficiency, accurate cutting size, high accuracy, and other advantages.


Foam cutting machine inspection

● Check whether all air pipe joints are loose and all pipe belts are broken, tighten or replace if necessary.

● Push the carriage by hand, it should come and go freely, if there is any abnormality, it should be adjusted or replaced in time.

● Check the strong power cabinet and operating platform, the fastening screws are not loose,

● Check the total air inlet of the foam cutting machine to see if there is garbage,

● Check whether the clamping block, steel belt, and guide wheel are loose and the steel belt is loose or tight, and adjust if necessary.

● Clean the dust inside the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer.

● Check the performance of all buttons and selector switches, replace if damaged.

● Check whether the terminal is loose (please refer to the relevant electrical instructions for specific operations}.

● Check all transmission parts for looseness, check the meshing of gears and rack, and adjust if necessary. Loosen the tightening device,

● Check whether each valve and pressure gauge are working normally.


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