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Wheeled tractor

Product Description



The tractor is an agricultural four-wheel drive tractor, powered by an in-line, vertical, direct injection, water-cooled, four-stroke, supercharged and intercooled diesel engine; the diesel engine is directly connected with a single-disc, dry-type, and double-acting clutch; 4*(2 +1) *2 component gearbox, gear shift with meshing sleeve; central transmission is spiral bevel gear type; full hydraulic front wheel steering system; rear three-point suspension system; hydrostatic, wet, disc brakes; rear independent PTO shaft, the speed is 760/850(r/min), optional 540/760(r/min), 540/1000(r/min), 760/1000(r/min); hydraulic suspension system type is Separate type; adjustment methods are height adjustment and floating control.