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Fuel forklift
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  • Fuel forklift
  • Fuel forklift
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Fuel forklift

Internal combustion counterbalanced forklifts are hoisting and transporting machinery, and are widely used in factories, warehouses, stations, docks, ports, etc. for the loading, unloading and handling of packaged goods. After being equipped with other work attachments, they can also be used for bulk goods. Loading and unloading of other unpackaged goods.

Product Description

Product Features:

1. The core components such as gearbox and drive axle are all self-made by Heli. Its box manufacturing and assembly equipment is domestic, and the key components in the box are imported, the failure rate of the box assembly is low, and the quality of the domestic box is reliable;

2. Adopt integral hood, beautiful appearance, internal frame rib structure, high strength and reliable quality;

3. The new double-threaded steering wheel adjustment mechanism is adopted, which is firmly locked and easy to operate;

4. Equipped with cast steering axle, waterproof and dustproof, which improves the life and reliability of the rotating connecting parts;

5. Adopt wide-view gantry, wide field of vision, independent patented technology channel steel, large section, solid overall structure;

6. The large air filter with iron shell is adopted, which has a long maintenance period and can better adapt to the harsh working environment such as large dust;

7. Use aluminum anti-skid pedals to get on the pedals to ensure the safety of forklift cab drivers to get on and off;

8. The ergonomic dimensions of the steering wheel, seat, instrument frame, etc. are reasonable, the driver's operation is comfortable, and the driver's vision is wide;

9. The connection between the steering axle and the frame is supported by vibration-absorbing rubber pads, which reduces the vibration of the whole vehicle and improves the comfort of the operator;

10. The opening angle of the hood can reach 80°, which greatly improves the convenience of maintenance and operation;

11. A new type of hood locking mechanism is adopted to improve the opening flexibility and reliability of the hood.