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A Practical Guide To Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Machine

Sep. 11, 2021

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Machine

The rock wool sandwich panel machine and its production process realize the combination of rock wool and steel plate as one in the factory through automatic equipment, changing the previous way of rock wool panel processing on site. In the premise of meeting the requirements of building heat insulation, sound insulation, and fire prevention, it achieves the goal of high quality, high efficiency, reliability, and safety.


What is a rock wool sandwich panel machine?

Rock wool sandwich panel machine produces sandwich panels made of rock wool. It gives full play to the unique performance of rock wool core material, and its production has the remarkable effect of fireproof, heat preservation, sound absorption, and sound insulation. The rock wool sandwich panel production line is suitable for steel structure plant, roof, mobile house, and ceiling air clean room partition wall.


Features of rock wool sandwich panel machine

1. Sound insulation

Rock wool sandwich panel machine is effective in reducing noise transmission, especially for places near advertising routes. In addition, with rock wool roofing panels, indoor noise such as rain and hail on the roofing steel sheets of buildings will be greatly reduced.

2. Short installation cycle

Rock wool sandwich panel, without secondary processing, not only can keep the surroundings clean and not affect the normal operation of other processes, but also can greatly shorten the installation cycle. Therefore, its average daily installation area can reach 600 to 800 square meters.

3. Reasonable fastening method

Rock wool roof panels are connected by a fastening method to avoid the hidden danger of roof panel leakage and save accessories.

4. Sound absorption

The machine also has an excellent sound absorption effect and can absorb sound in a wide range of frequencies.


Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Machine

Advantages of rock wool sandwich panel machine

1. Excellent fireproof performance

The raw materials, production process, and formula used in the rock wool sandwich panels make it have good fireproof performance.

2. Good rigidity

The overall rigidity of the product is much better than the field pressed composite panel (glass wool panel) because the rock wool core material is bonded to the two layers of steel plates as one, and the upper surface of the roof panel is corrugated. After the sandwich panel is fixed with fittings and purlins, the overall rigidity of the roof is greatly improved and the working performance is enhanced. Rock wool sandwich panel can have larger purlin spacing, so it can save purlin usage by 1/3 to 2/3.

3. Firm fixing method

Rock wool roof panels are fixed with M6 self-tapping screws and purlins, which can effectively resist external forces such as typhoons. Self-tapping screws are set on the top of the upper surface of roof panels with a special waterproof structure to strengthen the waterproof.

4. Good thermal insulation

The thermal insulation performance of the panel is calculated according to the thermal conductivity of the rock wool and the thickness of the rock wool core in the corresponding proportion.

5. Anti-scratch

During the production process, polyethylene adhesive protective film can be pasted on the surface to avoid scratching or abrasion to the surface coating of the steel sheet during transportation and installation.


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